About the TKA

Our Journey so Far......


Karate (Shotokan) as we know it today, originated from the Japanese island of Okinawa, lead by Sensei Gichin Funakoshi, (in the early 1920's) & Sensei Nakayama from the JKA (Japan Karate Association). 

Within the TKA, all our senior instructors have min 30yrs training with the JKA, our Chief Instructor, as this is being written, has over 45yrs training  

We at the TKA are affiliated to the AMA, the UK's largest Martial Arts Organisation. We encourage all our students to get out and discover Karate for themselves, many of our students have trained with and competed with many different organisations; WUKF World & European Championships (2200+ competitors), KWF (Sensei Yahara Group) JSKA (Sensei Asai Group) WTKO, WKC (Wado-Kai)

G Mathie Sensei - 7th Dan


After 30yrs as a member of the very successful KUGB organisation, having served as a member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Scottish Region, Scottish National Coach for over 20yrs & achieving the black belt level of a 7th Dan.  

The timing & opportunity arose to venture out of the comfort of a very big group and start my own group the TKA.  

I have to be honest, it was not an easy decision to make, but sometimes in life you need to make that leap & get out of your own comfort zone, there will always be an amount of fear & trepidation, but..

Our Philosophy


At the TKA, we are committed to give every student the opportunity to be the best they can be and more. 

Our class sizes allow our students to train in an environment that builds confidence allowing each student to maximize their full potential both Physically & Mentally, regardless of their age or ability (we have students from 4yrs old to over 70yrs old).

The TKA "Here to help you on your Journey"

Karate for all Ages


Karate for Kids

Karate training has a variety of benefits for children of all ages.  

We accept children from as young as 5 yrs old and encourage growth of character in an open friendly, positive enviroment.  

Children can develop and build confidence; this can help them with life’s challenges such as making new friends and dealing with difficult situations such as bullying. It’s also an opportunity to learn new skills that can improve coordination, mental concentration & focus.


Karate for Adults

The TKA believes Karate can benefit & improve the lives of everyone regardless of age, gender, health & fitness. Karate can provide adults with the perfect environment to reduce the stress that comes with managing work, family & personal commitments  

An excellent full body workout (approx 700 calories per hour) Karate practice can improve both physical & mental fitness while at the same time learning practical, effective self defence


Karate for Families

Karate is one of the few leisure activities where all members of the family can train alongside each other.  

This is because of the discipline within the Dojo, which allows both adults and children of all ages to train together in a safe and fun  environment at the same time.  

Training as a family provides an opportunity for parents and children to build and grow together, working as a team to achieve their goals

Representing your Country across the World


International Competitions

At the TKA we provide direct access to the very best karate from across the globe, we are fully recognised by the World governing body as Scottish National Team. Providing students of all ages (6yrs old to over 70yrs old) with the opportunity to represent their country.  

Our TKA squads (Scottish & Irish) travel the length & breadth of the UK & Ireland on a very busy competition schedule, providing all students with the opportunity to then travel the world representing both Scotland & Ireland.


Squad Training

Junior and Senior squad training is held once a month and is separate from regular training class sessions. The aim is to give additional specific tuition in competition karate, as well provide unique emphasis with regards to physical & mental attributes in karate. Performance and progress are extensively monitored in order to produce the best karate competitors in the country.


Building Success

Through the hard work, dedication and commitment of our squad members & coaches, over a very short period (just over 2 years) we have managed to show great signs of success:

Currently we have: 

20 x TKA Scottish Open Ippon Champions - 2017

5 x JSKA Scottish Champions - 2017 

WUKF European Silver - 2017

WUKF European Bronze - 2016, 2017 

WUKF World bronze - 2016, 2018

WUKF World Silver - 2016, 2018

KWF World bronze - 2017

WKC World Silver - 2017

TKA Etiquette & Values


Etiquette & Values

The art of Karate places emphasis on developing both the character and the physical aspects of its students  

The TKA aims to provide a positive platform; its foundations being built upon honesty, humility, respect and integrity. We are committed to helping you achieve your own personal goals, whilst at the same time developing life-long friendships with other members of our clubs, who are all on a similar path  

At the TKA we look for all our members to adopt & embody these values, understanding that Karate is much more than punching and kicking. All our students and instructors must strive to exemplify our values, not just physically but in character.


Dojo (Training Hall) Code of Conduct

1. Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo. 

2. Address any instructor as "Sensei" whilst in the Dojo. 

3. "Oss" is a sign of respect and is used generally in Karate especially in the following situations: -       

a. Upon receiving any advice or command from the instructor, the student must reply by answering "Oss".       

b. When bowing at the start and finish of the class.       

c. When bowing to your partner during Kumite.       

d. In any other appropriate situation, for instance during grading and competitions. 

4. Train at least twice a week. 

5. No-one is to leave the class without first obtaining permission from the instructor. 

6. Any member arriving late must take up a kneeling position at the front of the Dojo and await permission from the instructor before joining the class. On receiving permission bow then join the class. 

7. Finger and toe nails must be kept clean and short. 

8. Gis must be kept clean and in good condition. 

9. Jewellery must not be worn during training. If you can't get a ring off then tape must be wrapped around it. 

10. Students must treat other with respect. 

11. Members must not smoke, swear, chew, spit or commit any other act likely to offend the etiquette of the Dojo. 

12. Members must not use their skills in any offensive way outside the Dojo.

Our Classes - Scotland


Dunfermline - Newburgh - Clydebank Classes

  • Clydebank Leisure Centre, Garth Dr, Clydebank G81 1BF
  • Monday 6:30pm - 8pm & Wednesday 7:30pm to 9pm
  • Bannatyne's Health Club, Fife Leisure Park, Dunfermline KY11 8EX
  • Tues: 7:30pm - 9pm, Thurs: 7pm - 8:30pm & Fri: 7pm - 8:30pm
  • Tayside Institute (T.I.C.C), 90-92. High St, KY14 6DA Newburgh, Fife
  • Wednesday & Friday 4:30pm to 5:30pm

  • https://www.facebook.com/TKA-Takushoku-Karate-Association-683274418461410/
  • gordon@tkakarate.com
  • 07881345508


Kelty Classes

  • Kelty Community Centre, Main Street, Kelty KY4 0AE

  • Tuesday & Thursday nights
  • 7pm to 9pm - All students, all Grades

  • jcfisher77@sky.com

Our Classes - Nr Ireland


Ventures II Karate Club

Ventures II is a small karate school that has been on the go since the 70's. We provide training in the art of shotokan karate. Currently affiliated to the AMA and TKA. We have 11 black belts currently training with us and a full school of over 40 members.

Training Monday Thursday and Friday nights in our own custom dojo. 

The dojo is situated in John Wesley Street, behind the Post Office sorting depot.




Limavady Karate Club

Weekly Training ----------------------- 

Monday       18:30 - 20:00 

Tuesday      18:30 - 20:00 - Brown & Black only 

Thursday    18:30 - 20:00  

Saturday    10:00 - 11:00 (Adults Only) 



Contact Us

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Head Office, 44 Seafar Drive, Kelty, Fife Ky4 0JX, GB

01383 839445

Dojo Code

Dojo Code


Exert oneself in the Perfection of Character

Be Faithful & Sincere

Cultivate the spirit of Perseverance

Be Respectful & Courteous to others

Self Control
Refrain from Impetuous & Violent Behaviour


SPIRIT FIRST then Technique