Your Karate belt colors Journey

TKA Grading (Belt) System

Karate has a coloured belt system to show your progress, where beginners start with a WHITE BELT, then working your way through the different coloured belts:

White Belt

9th Kyu - Orange Belt

8th Kyu - Red Belt

7th Kyu - Yellow Belt

6th Kyu - Green Belt

5th Kyu - Purple Belt

4th Kyu - Purple & White

3rd Kyu - Brown Belt

2nd Kyu - Brown & single white Stripe Belt

1st Kyu - Brown & Double white Belt

Kyu = Grade of Student


Dan = Level of Student

Students can grade for their next belt every 3 months, provided they have been training min twice per week & with permission from their instructor, obviously with less training, the duration between grading will increase.

This belt system provides a platform in which to track your progress.  As the difficulty level increases with each new belt, new moves must be learned and old moves must be improved  It also teaches children the important life skills, setting goals for each belt, working towards and achieving them.  

Once 1st Dan (Black Belt) has been achieved, this is then followed by 10 levels of Black Belt, making karate a lifelong study & vocation. Advanced Dan grades have decades of training behind them.

Karate training is made up of 3 elements, which must be practiced equally.

  • Kihon - literally means "Basic". This is the practice of basic karate moves.  
  • Kata - is a pre set sequence of movements and techniques.
  • Kumite - is the sparring or combat element of karate.