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Q. What does TKA mean?

A. Takushoku Karate Association

Q. What kind of Karate do you practice?

A. Shotokan Karate

Q. How many different styles of Karate are there?

A. It is generally agreed that there are 4 main styles; Shotokan, Wado-Ryu, Gojo-Ryu and Chite-Ryu.

Q. What are the differences in the styles

A. Without going into great detail, the way I like to explain the differences, would be a Car analogy; there are a number of major car manufactures, all producing cars, each manufacture offers differing benefit; Faster, 4x4, Comfort, economy, etc, but basically they are all cars. With karate, all the main styles use their hands and feet to kick & block, each style placing a differing emphasis on how the deliver their attacks or blocks.

Q. how long does it take to become a black Belt?

A. Usually about 3 years if training min twice per week.

Q. Who invented Karate?

A. Karate has been developing, in various forms, over thousands of years, because its was practiced in secret, no records were kept, they knowledge was handed down by the elders.

Q. Whats best, Karate or MMA?

A. The person practicing, would decide who's best.

Q. Can Karate kill with a single hit?

A. The purpose of true Budo Karate is the train to achieve this effect.

Q. Will Karate be in the Olympics in 2020?

A. Yes, for a select few, as it will be a demonstration sport.

Q. What is the difference between "Sport" & "Traditional" Karate?

A. "Sport" Karate is practiced to score points & win Medals. Traditional Karate is   focused of real life survival and developing a greater understand of oneself.

Q. Can a Karate man, block a bullet?

A. No

Q. Will Karate get me fit?

A. Karate like may activities, will get you fitter, if you put in the time and effort

Q. Do you have to be fit to start Karate.

A. No, as it is a progressive learning activity, you will get fitter the long you practice.

Q. What abilities do you need to practice Karate?

A. the ability to listen & understand.

Q. Who is the best at Karate?

A. There are a number of Karate World Champions, so i suppose they must be the "Best", if you are referring to "Sport Karate".

Q. What is the highest Black Belt

A. 10th Dan

Q. Can you learn Karate from a book / Video?

A. You could learn what the moves look like, but you wouldn't have developed any spirit or understanding of distance or timing or how to react under pressure. Class work and partner work are fundamental to training, the basic understanding of what the move looks like is quite simple, the difficulty and this is where the training is required, is making those moves work correctly under pressure. I like the Quote from Iron Mike Tyson - "Everybody has a plan until they're hit in the face".