How to be a Good Karate Parent

How to be a Good Karate Parent

Many children start their karate training young. Achieving a Black Belt is the ultimate goal for most youngsters, this can be a very challenging journey. It requires a strong support network including Instructors, class mates and you.  

Children need positive reinforcement and encouragement from their parents in order to stay in karate and succeed. We know you want your children to do well in karate, we do too.

Help them have fun

Karate like any learning environment, it can be challenging. Children will require support, much like in school, from all available sources. A positive parental attitude, frequent complements, praise, encouragement, laughter and interest will go along way in helping your child achieve their goals. Karate at its best is a unique combination of serious learning, development and fun. Parents must help children find that balance.

Don't Judge Them

Parents must be positive and complimentary. The Sensei should be the one to correct the student. Constructive criticism from the Sensei can be taken on its technical merits, but criticism from  parent can be devastating to a child's motivation and attitude.

Show an Interest in Karate

This can be done by simply keeping up to date on all events and news via our Facebook page and yearly Events page. You should be supportive and proactive in your child's practise, by asking the instructor on how they are progressing & for home learning material.  

You could join one of our adult classes and practise together at home. Alternatively, you could train together in one of our classes.  

Even if Karate isn't the primary focus of the parent, it can be a great way for parents and children to develop and grow together.

"Life is about falling down and getting back up, Karate is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to get back up, quickly"